IT Department Holds Workshop on Introduction to Python Programming in Discrete Structure

20 Oct 2021

The Department of Information Technology (Mathematics Section) conducted a two-day-workshop on “Introduction to Python Programming in Discrete Structure” on 11th and 12th October 2021(Monday and Tuesday) for the Mathematics Section staff. The workshop, designed for mathematical implementation in the course named “Discrete Structure”, was delivered by Dr. Kishore Kumar P.K.


Dr. Kishore Kumar P.K.  discussed the basic components of Python such as how to define the variable, data types and other related concepts. He shared that Python programming plays a vital role in solving many real time problems in major industries, corporations and top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. Further, he underscored how Python can be used to tackle diverse problems including data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning, which paves the way for the present era of data science.


In his presentation, Dr. Kishore Kumar P.K also highlighted that the core concepts of Python involve more mathematical skills on the top of the various built-in standard libraries. He said that Python is designed in such a way that no prior knowledge of programming is required to learn it. He also demonstrated how to use Google collaborator, a free open source software facilitated by Google, to work on the Python codes.

The workshop included a Q & A session where the speaker clarified the doubts of the participants. The workshop was opened with a welcome address from the Head of Math Section, Ms. Mini Punnolli and concluded with a vote of thanks from the HRDC Coordinator of IT, Mr. Pramendra Kumar.