Quizzizz: An Introduction

09 June 2022

Organized by the ELC Staff Development Committee, Ms. Autumn Nicole Dinkelman presented an online workshop via MS Teams on Thursday (09.06.22) at 10:00 AM. This workshop was titled “Quizzizz: An Introduction’’ and was attended by more than 56 ELC teachers.


That event was fascinating for tech-lovers who are fond of employing interactive digital resources in their classroom activities. The presenter, Ms. Autumn Nicole Dinkelman, highlighted how to create and deploy a Quizzizz quiz, as well as some other useful and interesting features available from the application.


The presenter shared some interesting examples of creating free online gamified quizzes and interactive lessons to engage any learner. Ms. Autumn guided teachers how to design and handle such games easily. She showed how a quiz can be presented live as a timed competition or used for homework with a specific deadline. She then showed staff how it works from the student side, as she had them play in two different modes - instructor-led, where everyone goes through the same question at the same time, and the "Classic" mode, where students compete at their own pace.

Participants were active players in the game, and after the "Classic" game, teachers mentioned that one of their favorite parts was the memes displayed after each question.


After playing these two games, Ms. Autumn showed participants how to search for quizzes in the Quizzizz library, and how to create their own. She explained the different question types available in the free version including multiple choice, fill in the blank, open-ended, poll, and draw. She also mentioned that Quizzizz keeps reports of each quiz, which teachers can refer to in order to check on their students' achievement.