Webinar on “Introduction to Tableau”

10 June 2022

Information Technology Department of the UTAS-A organized a Staff Development Program titled "Introduction to Tableau” on 10th June 2022 for all its staff members. The webinar was presented by Ms. Rana Tarannum Ansari. The webinar was organized to share the basic idea of Tableau among staff. Tableau is an excellent data visualization and business intelligence tool used for reporting and analyzing vast volumes of data.


Mr. Pramendra Kumar, the HRDC Coordinator (IT Department), opened the webinar and welcomed the speaker, Ms. Rana Tarannum Ansari.


Ms. Rana Tarannum Ansari started the webinar by introducing the applications of Tableau to industries and academics.  Ms. Rana Tarannum Ansari also explained about the several advantages of using Tableau over Excel, including data visualization, software integration, and efficiency. Different topics like Dimension and Measures in Tableau, Aggregation in Tableau, Creating Different Charts, Filter, and sets in Tableau, Creating Map, Highlight Table, Cross Tabs and Joins in Tableau etc. were covered during the SDP. The Q & A session was also conducted at the end of the webinar.