Workshop on Academic Advisement

09 June 2022

The HRDC of Business Studies Department in coordination with Registration Committee of Business Studies Department conducted a workshop on “Academic Advisement " on 9th of June 2022 at BS 112 from 1:00 PM to 2 :30 PM. 


The Workshop was delivered by Dr. Ghouse M. Sharif, Department Registrar.

The workshop was organized to explain the Advisement rules and regulations with different scenarios and cases.


In his talk, Dr. Ghouse, explained different rules of advisement like Conditions for moving to Next Level, where to find the requirements, IELTS bands requirements, ACADEMIC PROBATION, calculation of GPA using GPA calculator, Dean Honor list, Re-sit Exam for exiting Students, Dropping course eligibility, Conditions for Dismissal, Postponement, Method of Handling Attendance and its importance and other Advisement related topics.

Business staff actively participated in the Workshop by discussing their own Advisement cases, and workshop was ended at 2:30 PM.