BS Lecturers Gear Up for Academic Advising

11 Sep 2023

An induction and orientation program on academic advising for the Business Studies lecturers was conducted on 11 September 2023, from 10 AM to 11 AM. This initiative, usually administered at the beginning of a new semester, is among the activities that provide a strong foundation for the lecturers in the College of Economics and Business Administration at the UTAS -Al Musannah. The program was conducted mainly to induct the new staff and to remind the existing staff of academic advisement.


 The program began with the registrar, Dr. Ghouse Sharif, discussing the academic advisement and the corresponding responsibilities of the advisors. He then briefed the participants about the rules and regulations for advisement of version 4 and version 5 students, the number of courses that can be offered each semester, different warnings for attendance according to percentages of absences, and dropping and postponing under the new and old bylaws. Before concluding his presentation, Dr. Sharif addressed various queries raised by the attendees.