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Hybrid Teaching Learning

UTASA(formerly ACT)  made the decision by designing a hybrid model in which students would be in school a few days a week and learning remotely the other days.

Remote Work

The 30% work schedule which commences from 31st August will be scheduled and circulated tomorrow through email.


The College has already reduced operations in accordance with the latest decisions from the government.

All staff should be on-call from the administration, and their respective sections, or department.  Staff are also required to check frequently for any emails or updates.   This is done equivalent to in-person duties during office hours.

Academic staff are advised to adhere to the class schedule for remote teaching with their courses.


Remote learning

Even schools that fully reopen will have to serve students whose parents prefer to keep them home. All school districts will have to offer hybrid learning programs to some degree, with a mixture of in-person and online instruction.



Moodle and Microsoft Teams

While everyone knows Moodle, a few are relatively new to Microsoft Teams.

Get your copy of Microsoft Teams here

Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Class can meet in one place, no matter how many places they’re in.

Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-use collaboration tool for remotely working together and sharing information via a common space.  Microsoft Teams will be utilized for its video conferencing feature that runs in a web browser, or a standalone app in your computer or smartphones.  Your class will meet in real time according to your class schedules.


Physical Attendance

 Information here about how the college will implement this.


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