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The Computer Services Section provides the computer technology and technical support to meet the needs of the students, faculty and staff

We enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall IT infrastructure, communication, and hardware and software by developing and maintaining solutions such as the provision of Internet facility with leased line and wireless connection. We also maintain the computer laboratories across all departments and assign some of our technicians to provide support and services.

The Computer Services Section provides services like server administration, database administration, network (wired and wireless) maintenance, computer labs maintenance, hardware maintenance, and replacement and/or upgrade of IT equipment. The section is also responsible for designing and developing information systems and web-related resources.

CSS Support and Services

Specifically our services include the following:

Network and Database Support

Communication in ACT is enhanced by establishing and maintaining the Local Area Network (LAN) to allow storing and accessing of information in a secured database.

Hardware and Software Support

Careful evaluation of existing and new technologies determines the necessity to upgrade the college hardware to meet the department’s objective. The softwares purchased by the college is continuously updated to facilitate sharing of information and resources.

Web Development and Internet Access

The fast-internet bandwith provides access to the wealth of information available online. Likewise, the college has developed its official website, with online services like portal, forum, and blogs, that allows students, faculty and staff to interact and share information.

System Development

The development and implementation of automated systems allows ACT to deliver its services and perform its functions effectively and properly.