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The Educational Services Section provides the teaching and technical support staff with the necessary educational materials and equipment as well as training and tutorials for quality teaching and learning.

ESS Support and Services

Specifically our services include:


This is a web-based resource in which learning occurs via the internet. E-learning courses are placed on a ‘learning management system’, which is basically a website especially developed for that course. All teaching materials are uploaded to this website for students to access on their own.

Production of Educational Materials

Relevant and updated educational materials such as books, course-wares, and subscriptions are photocopied and reproduced to supplement the learning resources of the students and faculty. The section is using current technology and equipment at par with the industry.

Printing and Photocopying Services

Publishing and printing of large volumes of manuals, hand-outs, examination sheets, etc. id carried out using heavy duty photocopiers installed in ETC and ELC.

Academic Gatherings

Workshops, seminars, and conferences in cooperation with the college and the industry are held to impose awareness on the current and future trends in education.

Graphics, Multimedia, and Creative Services

Graphics, multimedia, and web-related projects including production for corporate and instructional use are delivered by ETC. The office is located at Building Four - Ground floor, and is composed of staff that handles special projects and requests.

Short Courses

Short courses for students and staff  by ETC. The office is located at IT208 (Lab 7) and is composed of staff that handles special projects and requests. Upcoming Short Term Courses - Semester I (AY2019-20)

Software Development

Designs and develop programs that will be useful for the college everyday operations.  To develop a paperless offices around the campus.