ELC Dives into Creative Dynamics

Author:  Mr. Edilberto C. Cruz, English Language Center

The classroom was awashed with various colours and shapes at the workshop conducted by ELC Lecturer Ms. Valerie Ann Lewis on Creative Dynamics: Images, Shapes, Colours - Triggering a Creative Listening/Speaking Response on February 19, 2019.

At the start, Ms. Lewis explained that the purpose of the workshop was to stimulate students’ schema in tandem with the socio-cultural objectives and themes inherent to the Pathways series. In line with this rationale, the facilitator creatively engaged the participants with meticulously prepared teaching materials that made use of guide questions along with speaking and topic transfer methods to teach subjects in the official textbook.




Each attendee was provided with brightly printed handouts featuring topic-related pictures and clear directions for listening and speaking exercises. Ms. Lewis said that the procedures were meant to “exploit images, shapes, diagrams and colours as potential means to expand students’ cultural and linguistic awareness.”

Head of Centre Dr. Nihad Abdallah Mohammed Alzadjali commended Ms. Lewis saying that the workshop “offered good insights into the Pathways series in terms of the driving theory behind Pathways, and then positioned the book within sociocultural theories of learning. The theoretical knowledge then was supported with hands-on activities, thus making the teaching of the Pathways series more accessible for both teachers and students by marrying the theory with students’ lived experience.”

The eager response to Ms. Lewis’s presentation has led to a suggestion by Level 4 Coordinator Ms. Anna Letowt-Vorbek that future Staff Development Program seminars be videotaped. This would make them available to teachers unable to attend the events due to conflicting schedules and to lecturers who might wish to refer to them in preparing their own classroom strategies. The proposal is currently under consideration.