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ELC End of Semester Departmental Meeting

Author: Ms. Dulce Nicoals

The 1st ELC End of Semester Meeting for AY 2019-2020 was held last 26 December 2019 at the  ELC Student Activity Center (SAC). It was chaired by Dr. Faisal Al Saidi (HOS-CTM ) and Mr. Murtadha Al Ajmi (HOS-ELP).

The meeting  began with the welcoming of the staff followed by the minutes review of the previous by Mr. Joy Arulappan, Dr. Faisal and Mr. Mutadha gave feedback on the GFP and Post Foundation exam results. This was followed by disseminating  a feedback on the recent Peer Lesson Plan and Peer Observation (PLPO) done in the classooms before the end of semester one. To create opportunities for teachers and students, Dr. Faisal encouraged the members of the staff to engage themselves with the College and  GFP/ELC procedures. Following that, Ms. Autum Dinkelman and Ms. Fatema Khalifa updated the staff on the preparation for GFP audit and Institutional Self-Assessment Application (ISAA).

The meeting was adjourned by Dr. Nihad Al Zadjali (HOC-ELC), then followed by  a staff photoshoot infront of the English Language Center.