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ELC Holds Three-day Workshop

Author : Dr. Edilberto C. Cruz


The English Language Centre held a series workshops for teachers of the General Foundation Program from September 9-11, 2019. The training was conducted by ELC lecturer Ms. Valerie Ann Lewis in the multi-purpose hall of the CC building.

The first day of the workshop dealt with Language, Accuracy, Form, Feedback, and Repair Strategies. Ms. Lewis spoke of the lesson as an act of construction in which the simplest building blocks (methodology) are transferable across skills and contexts enabling teachers to create complex seamless lessons that are methodologically underpinned. 

The second day was devoted to Innovation and Creativity in Lesson Technique and Construction and was aimed to open small windows onto interpreting the QA requirement for “innovative” and “creative” teaching practice.  The final day discussed Specific Study Skills (SSS) in which Ms. Lewis shared the practice of adopting sustained and recursive transference of core task mechanisms and interaction patterns across all four skills. 

Dr. Nihad Abdallah Mohammed Alzadjali, ELC Head of Centre, described the training as outcome-based and meant to target a particular teaching issue, and/or curriculum requirement and address shortcomings within the learning outcomes. She added that peer lesson planning observation (PLPO) and classroom observation will be utilized to assess the impact of the workshops, and encourage a culture of innovation, critical thinking, and creativity in the Centre.