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ELC Implements the Outcome-Based Workshop Series

Another outcome-based workshop was implemented by the ELC last 11th of February 2020 with the goal of equipping the Level 2 lecturers on the conceptual and procedural aspects in providing deep feedback to the written output of the language learners. The aforementioned staff development training goal was rationalized as a response to the GFP requirement of improving the writing skills of the ACT students. As put forward by Dr. Nihad Abdallah, giving a feedback that goes beyond the grammar of the sentence is important because writing is not only about the syntagmatic aspects of the language but it also entails the language learners’ flow of thought or consciousness.

Targeting Level 2 teachers as the core participants of the workshop was imperative because of the need to refine the students’ writing skills at the syntax level before the latter reaches Post Foundation. Ms. Valerie Ann Lewis, the resource speaker of the said training, provided an evidence-based and pragmatic session on how to deal with the issues in marking the different aspects of writing. With the use of previous students’ written output and a carefully organized rubric descriptor, Ms. Lewis demonstrated how language teachers could further exploit a single written work and optimize its potentials for efficacious language learning.