ELC Revisits MS Word

Author:  Mr. Edilberto C. Cruz, English Language Center

ELC lecturer Mr. Vinodkumar Karunakaran Pillai conducted a workshop on “Improving Students’ Word Power thru Microsoft Word Shortcuts” on March 19, 2019 in Room EL115 of the English Language Centre building.

Word processing is probably the most important computer skill required of English teachers. However, the pressing demands of the classroom often leave lecturers with little time to explore the capabilities of programs such as MS Word. To help in this regard, Mr. Vinod shared interesting tips on maximizing the features of the MS Word menu and toolbar and the use of shortcut keys.


It should be recalled that last semester another ELC lecturer, Ms. Afrah Mohamed Suliman Al-Salmi, shared some fascinating tips on exploiting the potential of the PowerPoint slideshow program. This type of workshop aids lecturers who wish to be more creative but do not have the luxury of time to acquaint themselves with the “hidden” features of the available software.