Engineering Department Continues ISAA Awareness Drive 

In the continuous pursuit of imparting awareness on Institutional Standards Assessment Application (ISAA) and the forthcoming accreditation, Dr. C. Ravichandran, QA Coordinator of the Engineering Department organized and conducted an Awareness Session on 27 May 2019 on one of the many Institutional Standards under ISAA: Standard 5, Industry and Community Engagement. This session was in continuation of the Awareness session conducted by the Department on May 2, 2019, which focused on Quality Assurance, ISAA and Accreditation.


Mr. Abdulhamid Hamdan Humaid Al Hinai, Head of the Department of Engineering and Chairman of the group working on Standard 5 opened the session. He emphasized the importance of community and industry engagement, updated the staff on the status of accreditation regarding Standard 5 and imparted the significance of achieving the goals of the department following the ADRI cycle.

Mr. Eugene Vega, lecturer from the Mechanical Engineering Section conducted the presentation. His presentation focused on introducing the staff to Standard 5 and identifying the external stakeholders related to industry and community engagement. He also presented the link between industry and community engagement to the Mission and Strategic Plans of the College in general and to the Operational Plan and Activity Plan of the department in particular. He also introduced the ILLTC, a committee established in the College whose primary task among others, is to foster productive partnership with the community and industry.

Lastly, he acquainted the staff with the activities and practices being conducted in the department related to community and industry engagement.

The session concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Mr. Abdulhamid Hamdan Humaid Al Hinai.