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ELC Conducts Workshop on Critical Thinking Skills

Author: Mr. Edilberto C. Cruz

Ms. Asya Tonoyan, ELC lecturer, conducted a workshop entitled “Decoding the Puzzle: Critical Thinking Strategies in the ESL Classroom” on February 11, 2020 at the English Language Centre. Ms. Tonoyan made use of Edward de Bono’s concept of the Six Thinking Hats in the activity and demonstrated the possible ways it could be applied in Speaking and Writing classes.

One interesting feature of the workshop was the “back-to-back” strategy that Ms. Tonoyan used to introduce the idea behind the Six Thinking Hats. In the activity, the participants were divided into pairs and sat back to back while they dictated their part of the information to the other. Afterwards, the teachers matched the colors of hats with their meanings. This was followed by a discussion on ways of writing the Argumentative Essay using the given thinking model. The participants expressed appreciation for the innovative ideas they learned in the workshop and are looking forward to applying them in their individual classrooms.