ETC Conducts a Workshop on Developing the Center’s Action Plan

31 May 2023

The Educational Technology Center (ETC), in preparation for the next Academic Year 2023-2024, conducted its annual workshop on developing the Center’s Action Plan (AP). The workshop is organized by the ETC-QA Sub-committee under the supervision of the ETC-HoC, Ms. Zainab Al Ma’awali. The workshop was attended by all ETC Section Heads, namely; Mr. Naseeb Al Omrani (CSS), Ms. Fatma Al Shidi (ESS), and Ms. Halima Al Balushi (LSS). The majority of the ETC staff are also present except for those who have other duties during the event.


The workshop was also considered as the ETC staff end-of-academic-year meeting; for the first part of the workshop, Ms. Zainab thanked all the ETC sub-committees and teams for their effort in providing a good service to all UTAS - Al Mussanah stakeholders. She also presented the UTAS Organizational Structure that will be implemented from AY 2023-2024. She gave emphasis on Electronic Systems and Student Services (ESSS), to which the new Information System and Educational Technology Center (ISETC) belongs. ISETC is now the new ETC.


For the main part of the workshop, the ETC-QA Coordinator, Mr. Rommel B. Fuentes, presented the ETC Action Plan Achievement Report (APAR) for AY 2022-2023 and discussed the QAD Audit Report outcome. He then gave an overview of the UTAS Strategic Plan 2022-2027 as a refresher for all ETC Staff, most especially the new staff who just joined ETC this academic year.

Mr. Rommel also discussed the previous ETC Action Plan and the Implementation Steps of the SP Strategies that are applicable to ETC. He then instructed all the sub-committee and teams (SCnT) to review their SCnT implementation steps and provide the necessary update (if any) considering the ETC-APAR of AY 2022-2023. Each sub-committee and team chairman/team leader discussed their respective implementation steps with their members. The SCnT members then provided their suggestions and recommendation for the AY 2023-2024 APs Implementation Steps. Then, the SCnT submitted their corresponding implementation steps for the Center’s AP for AY 2023-2024. All submitted implementation steps will be consolidated by the ISETC-QA and will be presented to ISETC Heads for approval.


For the last part of the workshop, Mr. Rommel presented the New Template for SCnT Activity Plan (AcP). He informed everyone that this is only the preview of the SCnT AcP, a separate workshop will be conducted for the SCnT Activity Plan in September 2023.   As discussed and approved by ETC-HoC, the new SCnT AcP Template will have the Risk Analysis Section on every service provided by SCnT. Ms. Zainab reiterated the importance of having a risk analysis in every service provided by the Center to prepare the staff and the Center on providing proper risk mitigation in case a risk is identified.


In closing, Ms. Zainab encouraged everyone to continue their untiring support in providing better services to UTAS-Al Mussanah stakeholders.  Finally, she congratulated all staff for a job well done for the current academic year and wished everyone a safe and meaningful vacation.