Research and Publications

UTAS-A participates in global economic change and takes actions on ever-changing academic needs. Today’s research dramatically transcends disciplinary boundaries and human endeavor, drives curiosity and energy which result in success and discovery. Our brilliant pool of intellectuals is always motivated to conduct applied research and we always give value to their discovery and findings.


We establish cooperation and collaboration with partner agencies and leading organizations that have the interest to utilize research outcomes for the betterment of our constituency and locality. Part of our College Quality Assurance is to ensure that many support programs are available and continue to flourish in a culture of research in the campus. We hold symposia for researchers and authors to present their study and research results to the public and interested individuals.


Research in ACT is dynamic and always evolving; creating a space for intellectual inquiry; fostering strong core disciplines; inspiring the active mind; and providing new tools and ways of thinking that lead to innovation.