Teaching and Learning

Achieving and sustaining a strong reputation in excellent teaching and learning is one of ACT’s missions. The College is dedicated to deliver high quality technical education and aims to produce graduates who have the professional and personal skills to enter employment with confidence, thus contributing effectively to the Sultanate’s ongoing economic development.


ACT is committed to continuously harness the quality of teaching and learning through a holistic educational approach in a flexible and dynamic manner with the use of emerging technology and knowledge-wealth environment. We employ good teaching practices, implement staff development programs, and improve facilities.


Our students are exposed to diverse activities, involved in various clubs and organizations, and engaged in application-based tasks that greatly develop their personal skills, ideas, and capability needed in their chosen career. Likewise, we hire teaching and support staff that possess quality, competence, and professional attitudes. They are equally responsible to perform their job and dedicated for the academic growth and development of our students.