Three Workshops on advancements in the world of technology was organized by the Human Resource Development Committee during the

SEM II, Academic Year 2018-2019

Authors: Ms. Furat Ali Al Daamee & Ms. Sahana Roshan, IT Department

The departments of the colleges in collaboration with HRDC organized workshops on advancements in technology to aid staff training professional development. This included Google Sketch UP from Engineering Department, Website Design and Build services from IT department and File management using SharePoint from ETC Center.

The workshops were part of the general annual plan for all staff to exchange experiences between departments and to build effective educational environment that encourages constant development and training.

The workshops saw the presence of members of multiple departments and the participants encouraged the forum that provided communication and consultation. 

 The Workshop on Google Sketch Up was conducted on 29th January 2019. The lecturers from engineering department Mr. Prashant Kumar with Ar. Mustakeem Raza Khan presented the workshop effectively. The workshop discussed the benefits of open source programs and illustrated the benefits of design provided by “Google Sketch Up”. The workshop gave the audience an idea of ​​how to deal with the design program that controls the tools used as a pen and paper. Using the free drawing feature in the program, he discussed internalizing the dimensions and the objects needed for the design. He went on to explain how to use the drawing tool lines. He also demonstrated the way to look at the shape drawn from all directions and angles and zoom the screen and move the general view of the screen.

On 5th February 2019, the ETC center held another workshop on the use of SharePoint in File Management. Mr. Rommel B. Fuenes displayed the software by Microsoft for team collaboration and electronic file sharing. The lecture began by defining the program usage and on how it can be used effectively in the college. He also informed the participants on how it is useful in facilitating documents, records and other information among the members of the institution. 

In addition, providing central access to files for all members of the college. was an important and fascinating lecture which included very useful information for all attendees. The speaker explained some of the tricks of using the program in the ability to control the privacy and confidentiality of files and how to create a specific audience and permissions for each part of the system. The lecture was full of interaction and raised important questions to some of the complexities faced by some staff in dealing with the program. He indicated the application of creating a world free from the use of paper and be replaced by controlled electronic file sharing.

 The final HRDC conducted workshop in web designing was conducted by the IT Department Staff, Mr. P. Kulasekar. He gave a brief overview about markup languages ​​in web design with Adobe Dreamweaver program, which helps designers to complete their websites without code. The program is specialized for creating and managing web applications. He illustrated the creation of very powerful Web sites and applications by using programming languages like PHP, HTML, ASP. He displayed a set of tools to upgrade their experience and add more interactive designs like animation, videos, tables and forms. He engaged the audience with demo videos to bring their ideas closer to their expectation. At the end of the workshop, he presented them other options, such as the use of ready-made web sites such as WordPress, Wix and Google Drive for hosting.


The Committee thanked the presenters for their invaluable efforts in sharing their expertise, and supporting the College, staff with staff development and training.

The committee concluded three successful workshops in the field of electronic and promised attendees to continue to organize other workshops and select a variety of useful topics.