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IT Help Centre

The purpose of the centre is to ensure a supportive and pleasant study environment is provided for students in probation to benefit from. If you have any queries, Please speak to any staff in the centre as they will be pleased to help you.


The Help Centre is designed to help the students to become independent learners. Tutoring is available for all IT students with preference to Students in Probation.

 Guidelines for Students:

  • On arrival, write your name in the registration book and sign, registered students will be attended on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • When you visit help centre, it is expected to bring your lecture notes and read the course materials and have attempted the material once before seeking help.
  • Help Centre is not a replacement for attending classes. So, refer to the course lecturer if you have missed classes.
  • Try to show to the staff a sample of what you have tried to do, so that the staff member may try to diagnose your problems.
  • If a particular style does not work for you, please come back at another time and try working with another staff.
  • Do not expect the assigned staff to teach entire sections or concepts.
  • Staff do not have to sit with you for long periods of time. Additional activities can be given after explaining the concepts.
  • Staff may help you to improve problem solving skills and assist with clarifications, but they should not be expected to verify accuracy or check assignments.
  • If the assigned staff is unable to help you for any particular technical course, you will be referred to the concerned course coordinator.
  • Concerns regarding a particular staff should not be discussed.
  • Concerns regarding assigned help centre staff should be addressed to IT Help Centre Coordinator.


For clarifications contact: Ms. Sahana Roshan