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Launch of Remote Controlled Service Cart Trolley by ACT Engineering Students

on ACT Graduation Ceremony Day

Author: S.V.Tresa Sangeetha, Engineering

A Remote Controlled Service Cart Trolley was designed, built and programmed by a group of 5 Engineering students from the Advanced Diploma level in Electronics and Communication specialization.

The Trolley is a customized product, built as per the requirement and specifications given by the College Dean, Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al-Tubi. The project gave hands-on experience for our students to produce, design and develop a blueprint, to work on a project “that creates and transforms ideas and concepts into a product that satisfies customer requirements”. 

The product required the expertise and integration of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Programming skills. The team also exhibited excellent coordination meeting the tight deadline.

The Trolley is built with a base unit consisting of   4 Mecanum wheels driven by High Torque Motors. The Speed and Direction control of motors are done using Mega Moto high rating controllers interfaced to Arduino. The Remote Transmitter and Receiver circuit built with Arduino is used to give commands to the motor controller. The Motor and wheel capacity is designed to carry a weight of 100 kg with Rechargeable batteries of 26Ah capacity. This enables long time operation. The Trolley is programmed to operate in forward, backward, left and right turns along with left and right lateral movements.

The Service Cart Trolley was launched and demonstrated in the college Auditorium on the prestigious ACT Graduation Ceremony Day held on 25 November 2019.




The Team was appreciated by Dr. Halah Ahmed Salim Alkathiri, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and the esteemed dignitaries of the day. With the continuous motivation and support from Mr. Abdul Hamid Al Hinai, the Head of the Department and Mr. Mohammad Sajid Ali, Head of the Section, our students have proved again to be promising future engineers and technologists.

Team Leader     

: Ghassan Salim Mohamed Al Mashrafi

Team Members   

: Amjad Mohammed Salim Al Aghbari

: Mohammed Nabhan Rashid Saif Al Maawali

: Abdul Rahman Marhoon Salim Al Hinai

: Hatem Mohammed Saif Al Jabri 

Main Supervisor

: Ms. Tresa Sangeetha

Co- Supervisor

: Mr. Mohammed Jubair Meera Hussain

Technical Support

: Mr. Emanuel O. Rances,

: Mr. Asadahamad Sahidkhan Dayma