MATAS 2019 (Math Association) 

The MATH Section of the Department of Information Technology organized MATAS 2019 (Math Association) with the great efforts of our Head of Section

Ms. Mini Punnolli and team as part of the Student Activity Week. It was indeed a great pleasure to organize such events that nurture the budding talents of our ACT student community.

The event started with a lively colorful exhibition of many mathematical displays.

Having an eye on logical thinking and its applications, students were encouraged to participate in a Poster Presentation show titled Colors of Logic organized by Dr. Prabhu Natarajan. Three best prizes (First prize for the topic ‘Propositional Logics and Truth Tables’, Second prize for the topics ‘Set theory and Venn diagram’ and ‘Relation and Matrix’, Third prize for the topic ‘Boolean Function Application’) were awarded to the team participants.


The next session was a brain storming session on Engineering Mathematics and its application, titled ‘Students Presentation’ which was organized by Mr. S. Varadharajan. Two best prizes (First prize for ‘Falling Objects’ and the Second prize for ‘Newton’s Law of Cooling’) were awarded to the participants. The team elaborated on the problems with real time situations in this presentation and gave a prominent solution to the problems as described in their presentation.

Finally, a remarkable session called Brain Teaser Puzzle was conducted by Dr. Kishore Kumar P.K. In this event, there were five teams namely Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Sigma with 3 participants in each team. The students participated enthusiastically in the game. Sigma stood first, followed by Beta and Alpha in second and third positions.

Overall, the performance of the students in all these events was impressive and we wish them great success in all their future endeavors.