ELC conducted Korean Language and Culture Class

30 Oct 22

ELC Student Activities Committee organized an event “Korean Language and Culture Class”, on Sunday, October 30th., from 12:00 to 01:00 at the Multipurpose Hall (CC 106). The workshop was presented by Ms. Kim Da He and Ms. Ha Pyonjo, and organized by Ms. Houriya Albalushi from the English Language Center.


The event was met with enthusiasm by students who learned the basics of the Korean language and some expressions of greetings, farewell, thanks and apology at the formal and informal level. The students also learned the letters of the Korean language and their equivalents in the Arabic language. This was followed by the participation of the students in writing their names in the Korean language using the traditional writing brush.


This event comes as an affirmation of the role of student communities in spreading culture and contributing to the process of cultural communication between people. The place was decorated with some traditional Korean handicrafts that reflected the unique Korean culture. The attendees enjoyed the event and expressed their admiration for the Korean culture and their desire to learn more about other cultures around the world.