Reporting Risk Incidents in UTAS-A Discussed

23 Nov 2021

The UTAS-Al Musannah Risk Management Committee (RMC) held an awareness session for all university staff on Tuesday, November 23 from 12:00 – 1:00 on Microsoft Teams. There were two simultaneous sessions conducted: one in Arabic and one in English. Mr. Kedar Chimote presented for the English session while Dr. Naser Al- Haddabi led the Arabic session.


During the session, the speakers talked about what a risk incident is, the difference between risk incidents and health and safety incidents, risk incidents reporting procedures, and the importance of reporting risk incidents. Furthermore, the presentation included a review on how to use the Online Risk Management System (ORMS), which is an important part of risk reporting and monitoring at the University. This workshop was conducted as part of RMC’s plan to raise staff awareness about risks and reporting and mitigating efforts.


There were 62 university staff attended the English session while 39 attendees joined the Arabic session.