RMC Conducts Webinar on AI and Cybersecurity in Today’s and Tomorrow’s World

5 April 2022

The UTAS-Al Musannah Risk Management Committee (RMC) held a webinar for all departments and centers on risk management on Tuesday, April 5,2022. An external speaker from India, Mr. Sohrab Vakharia, spoke on the topic “AI and Cybersecurity in Today’s and Tomorrow’s World”. Mr. Sohrab has a master’s of science in information technology, several research publications, and is also an entrepreneur in the technology field.

More than 40 people attended to learn about artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Mr. Sohrab spoke on “flow” and how to achieve it through data, information, knowledge, and science. He also discussed what an information system is, the five important pillars of humans, machines, data/information, process, and technology. The speaker also talked about artificial intelligence and its definition, and the differences between cognition and intelligence as well as their application to computers. He also showed a practical example of how artificial intelligence and data can help someone make decisions by using Google Analytics. When he was asked about cybersecurity tips for an institution, he gave some advice about using password managers, document protection using encryption, and using https websites.

During the presentation, Mr. Sohrab answered attendee questions throughout and at the end. The webinar concluded with a message of thanks by RMC Chairperson, Ms. Zainab Al-Ma’awali for the interesting and informative session.