Selection and Awarding Ceremony - The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Innovation Award (OCCI), 2nd Edition at ACT 

The Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Innovation Award (OCCI) is initiated by the Research Council and sponsored by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It aims to stimulate and adopt the citizens and the residents’ innovative ideas in science and technology, and to transform them into products or services in the market. The award seeks to encourage and promote cooperation and partnership among all components of society from individuals, institutions of both public and private sector, and the academic sector among all governorates of the Sultanate for the support and development of innovation.



The first stage of the Selection and Awarding Ceremony was held in ACT (center of the province of South Batinah) on 26 March 2019. 20 innovation projects from different sectors were selected and presented during this occasion.


The following 5 teams’ projects were selected for the next stage.

 1) Mai Mubarak Al Saadi (Team Leader)

    Ayman Abdulaziz Al Farsi

    Marwan Khalid Al Falahi


 2) Shamsa Salim Al Salami


 3) Sawsan Talib Al Khanbshi (Team Leader)

    Anfal Issa Al Hamadani


4) Majid Abid Al Kharusi (Team Leader)

    Rashid Abdullah Al Shithani


5) Talal Salim Al-Khanbashi (Team Leader)

    Fathiya Khalfan Al Aufi

    Salim Talal Al-Khanbashi 



The occasion was graced by Dr. Issa Saif Mohammed Al Tubi, Dean, Dr. Halah Ahmed Salim Alkathiri, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Guests, staff and students.