Oman mathematics day IV - Mathematics Section - IT Department


In view of Oman mathematics day IV on November 29, 2018, the ACT Math section organized two events for diploma I & diploma II students. The first event was the workshop titled “Calculus using Microsoft Mathematics” for Diploma students, who are studying Calculus I in the present semester.  The workshop was presented by Ms. Rana Tarannum. Around 33 students and the Math Staff attended the workshop. Ms. Mini Punnolli, the Head of Math Section, welcomed the participants and presenter. She gave a brief introduction about the importance of the new technologies in the field of mathematics.


The workshop was aimed to share, among faculty members and the students the benefits of Microsoft Mathematics that’s how easily it can be used for writing, calculating, and manipulating the difficult mathematical expressions. She also explained the visualization of 2D, 3D graphs and functions. Not only the answer but Step by Step solution for any mathematical problem is also provided by this software. 

Students enjoyed the session as the presenter explained nicely how to solve the Calculus problems like Limit, Derivatives, Mean Value theorem and Integration problems with Microsoft Mathematics. Overall, it was indeed a very informative and interesting workshop for students as it invoked the interest in students for solution of Calculus problems.


In the second event Dr. Prabhu Natarajan, presided the students’ led workshop on “The Magical View of Logic”. Five students from Advanced Diploma belonging Department of Information Technology, presented about the magical view on this special day. Ms. Buthaina Salim Nasser Al-Hashami and Ms. Hafsa Sulaiman Humood Al-Muqbali presented about what is a proposition and the logic behind the truth tables of logical operators. The truth table has been continued by Ms. Raja Said Salim Al-Jahwari. Then Ms. Ibtisam Ali Saleh Al-Saadi explained about the logic behind Venn Diagram and extended the same by defining relation. Finally, Ms. Zainab Masood Salim Al-Romhi explained about Cryptography, how to encrypt and decrypt the messages. All the presenters highlighted the logic behind the calculations. At the end of each presentation Dr. Prabhu Natarajan explained about the application of magical of logics in real life. The students and staff members were amazed to know the application of magical of logics in real life.

Finally, Ms. Mini Punnolli thanked the students and staff members for their contribution to make the events successful.