Presentation on Advisement - Information Technology

At the very outset, a presentation entitled “Meeting with advisors, lecturers, Counsellors” was conducted exclusively for probation students on February 12, 2019

The presentation objectively focused on creating an awareness amongst students about types of probation, solutions to come out of probation and required CGPA for in/out of probation.

The resource person was primarily Dr. Mohammad Ehmer Khan. Dr. Ehmer put lot of great efforts to explain about probation, when a student enters probation and different methods to come out of probation.

The presentation started with a warm welcome address by our IT HOD- Dr. Najiba Said Hamed Alzadjali. She explained students about probation rules and later handed over the session to Dr. Ehmer. Dr. Ehmer started the presentation with a warm greeting to all. He explained the different rules and regulations of entering into probation and also coming out of probation based on the score of CGPA. Moreover, general information on meeting with advisors, course lecturers were given to students. The students were further advised to make maximum use of MATH/IT help centers.

After briefing with probation rules and explaining the power point, the presentation was later on handed over to Ms. Khoula Ali Saleh Al Sadi who very gently explained all the rules, regulations and solutions regarding coming out of probation in Arabic.

This interactive presentation was very effective in creating an awareness amongst students about probation, meeting with advisors, lecturers.