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Presentation on ‘FAQs on Advisement’

Author: Mr. Pramendra Kumar

As part of our staff development programme, the department of IT organized a Presentation titled ‘FAQs on Advisement’ on 8 September 2019 in CC106. The talk was delivered by Dr. Mohammed Ehmer Khan. The intent of the presentation was to discuss Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Academic Advisement like Audit degree (Version 2 and Version 3), Probation and Course Allotment for advisement.

The staff enthusiastically participated in the session. It was an interactive session with a good exchange of ideas and views. Effective advisement and resolving of Advisee issues, their concerns about course dropping, mixing levels, choosing of specialization and helping probation students to come out of probation was discussed.

At the end of the presentation, a Q&A session was carried out on academic advisement to clarify the doubts of the participants.