QA Awareness Session for IT Students

Information Technology Department organized a stimulating session “QA Awareness” for IT students on 19th February 2019.  The program was organized in coordination with the college QAD, IT-HoD, HoS’s and QA –Coordinator.  The event aimed to create awareness among students and enhance their knowledge, elaborate the significance of Quality Assurance in ACT.   Few highlights of the topics being covered were, importance of Quality Assurance, College Vision, Mission, Goals, Values/Principles, Graduate Attributes, ISA standards, Policies, Procedures/Guidelines, College Bylaws, Help Centers, and Other services. 

The session was planned in two levels. The first level included a presentation covering all the QA key points. The second level demanded student participating in a QA quiz based on the presentation.  The session was very interactive with active student participation.


The event was conducted by Dr. Rachappa Jopate, IT Department QA Coordinator, and all the highlighted points were delivered  in Arabic version by Ms. Furat Al Damee, IT Department SDP Coordinator.  At the end of the session, QA related Quiz questions were posed to students, and all the better respondents were applauded and encouraged with diminutive prizes.

The IT department would like to thank the QAD-Head, Dr. Rayya Rashid Al Amri, for the initiation, IT-HoD, Dr. Najiba Said Hamed Al Zadjali, Networking HoS, Dr. J. Lenin for their support and IT-SDP Coordinator Ms. Furat Al Damee for her co-ordination throughout the event.