Quality Assurance / ISAA Awareness Session for Engineering Staff

An Awareness session on Quality Assurance procedures and ISAA was organized for the Engineering staff on 2 May 2019.

Dr. C. Ravichandran - QA Coordinator/Engineering - explained the significance of the session. Ms. Noura Said Abdallah Al Kiyumi presented and elaborated on the College’s Vision/Mission, Values and Graduate Attributes for the period 2013-18, and those proposed for the period 2019-24.

The Strategic Plan consisting of various goals, sub-goals/objectives and the KPIs with suitable examples was discussed and the significance of Operational Plans and Activity Plans of departments was highlighted during the session.


The Academic Accreditation process, Institutional Standards Assessment pattern and the different stages of the same were explained. The queries from the audience were addressed in detail.

The staff members participated with zeal in the quiz conducted and prizes were awarded to the winners.

Dr. B. Vijayaraj- HoS, M&I Section- concluded the session with his remarks.