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An Awareness Session, GFP QAP, on Scopes 3 & 4

Author: Dr. Kishore Kumar P.K.

It was indeed a great pleasure to have a brainstorming session on Staff and Student Support Services which was organized by the SDP team, Department of IT and presented by Dr. S. Dheva Rajan and Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose on 27 Feb 2020. The programme was divided into two sessions on the topics of Scope 3 and Scope 4. Scope 3 was presented by Dr. S. Dheva Rajan and Scope 4 was presented by Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose.

Dr. Dheva Rajan shared his views and insights on different scopes by giving the analogy of maintaining an educational institution. In Scope 3, he discussed the concepts of Student Registration, CIMS Student Profile, Placement Test, Students with Special Needs and Student Induction. He also enlightened the audience about concepts such as Student Hand Book, Teaching and Learning Resources, Non-Academic Support Services and Facilities, Academic Advising, Student Presentation, Student Behavior Management and External Engagement.

Ms. Blessy Jayaron Jose covered and explained the concepts of Staff Profile, Staff Recruitment, Staff Induction, Staff Professional Development, Staff Planning and Review, Staff Climate and Omanisation.

She made a focused review of Recruitment and Selection procedures. Also she discussed the areas of Academic Induction Program, Staff Performance Evaluation, Staff Professional Development Activities, Staff Recognition, Grievances and Omanisation by Implementing the Assistant Lecturer Training Programme.

The programme concluded with a Q & A session.