Technology Transfer Office

Technology Transfer (TT) refers to the “sharing of skills, knowledge, technologies, and facilities among industries, universities, governments and other institutions to make scientific and technological developments accessible to a wider range of people who can further develop and exploit the technology”

About the TTO:

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at UTAS (Al MUsanna) comes directly under TRC (Research Council of Oman). TTO has been established with the purpose of acting as a link between academia and the outside community, such as public and private sector companies, startup companies, non-governmental organizations, etc.


In essence, TTO focuses on the three important and critical dimensions with respect to cultivating an ecosystem for technology transfer, i.e. scientific, legal and industrial, in order for the centre to carry out its responsibility by acting as a bridge for bringing innovations from the lab to the market thereby a fruitful completion.


So primarily, our responsibility is to encourage innovation in the field of science and technology and also to detect innovation in various other fields. We intend to provide the intellectual academic support for initiating the IP protection procedure which is necessary in the case of new technologies. TTO will also be an active participant in ensuring the protection of such innovation through the framework of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Also, we aim to work as a channel in helping to find potential investors or licensees in this area. The TTO center in the college also provides the conducive environment for the creation of new startups which have emerged as part of research findings and innovation.

TTO also aims to be an institution par excellence in the dissemination of knowledge with respect to innovation, intellectual property rights (IPR). TTO strives to achieve this by conducting seminars, workshops, panel discussions, certificate programmes in IPR and innovation, release of working papers on innovation and IPR practices in Oman, which will be beneficial to multiple stakeholders involved and interested in areas including student community, industry people and those associated with the government.



ACT to be  technology transfer hub in the region. Through transferring research projects and innovations to inventions with social and economic values helping in achieving Oman vision 2040.  



To provide creative and innovative environment in the college to ensure the sustainability of technology transfer.