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Updated Consolidated Final ( Assignment ) Examination Timetable and Guidelines 

Semester II, AY 2019-2020


Please click the appropriate link to view or download for the Final (Assignment) Examination Timetable and Final Assignment Common Guidelines for students


   Updated Consolidated Final ( Assignment ) Examination Timetable Sem-2 AY2019-20 


   Final Assignment Common Guidelines for students 



Instructions to Students

As part of the statement issued by the Board of Trustees of the Colleges of Technology and in compliance with the Order issued by the Supreme Committee for dealing with the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, ACT has transitioned to online platforms for conducting Final Assignment (replacing the Final Exam) for relevant courses.

  • Final Assignment questions will be made available in your eLearning course page as per college Final Assignment Time Table.
  • Provide answers for the questions in the FINAL ASSIGNMENT ANSWER SHEET provided on the eLearning course page.
  • You will get a maximum of 48 hours to submit the assignment.
  • Completed answer sheets (MS Word Document/PDF) should be submitted via eLearning or other means as instructed.
  • The STUDENT DECLARATION FORM included in the Final Assignment Answer sheet should be filled with the required information before submission.
  • Answer sheets for relevant courses will be checked for plagiarism (TURNITIN) by Course Lecturer.
  • Any Assignment submitted after 48 hours from the scheduled date will be considered as a late submission and a penalty will be applied that results in the mark being reduced to zero.
  • Technical issues, if any, should be immediately notified to the Department through the following focal points.
    • ELC - Mr. John Mathew(John@act.edu.om)
    • IT - Mr. Faheem Ahmed (faheem@act.edu.om)
    • Maths – Ms.Mini Punnoli (mini@act.edu.om)
    • Engg - Mr. AbdulHamid Al Hinai (alhinai@act.edu.om)
    • BS – Mr.Jaffer Ali Khan (jaffer@act.edu.om) 
  • Copying or cheating or malpractices of any kind are strictly prohibited. Violations will be promptly reported to higher authorities, and serious actions will be taken according to the ‘Article 80, Bylaws of Colleges of Technology’, issued by Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman