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Short Term Course on ‘Design and Development of Raspberry Pi-based Monitoring and Control System’

Author : Ms. Bindu P.V.,


The Electrical and Electronic section of the Engineering department conducted a short-term course entitled ‘Design and Development of Raspberry Pi-based Monitoring and Control System’  for students of engineering doing Advanced Diploma and B. Tech levels from 8 March to 11 March 2020.

The course focused on the design and development of a monitoring and control system using Raspberry Pi interfaced with various sensors, motors, and display devices.

The students were given hands-on training to enable them to download and install Python for Raspberry Pi programming. Practical sessions were given for interfacing Raspberry Pi with sensors like an ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, PIR sensor, etc. The students were trained to interface Raspberry Pi with display devices and with motors.

The short-term course was carried out by Ms. Bindu P.V., Dr. Vanitha Mahadevan,  Ms. Rahila Begum Gadi, Mr. Mali Satya Naga Krishna Konijeti, and Mr. Kanagaraj Venusamy.