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Smart City Platform: A Workshop on IoT

Smart City Platform, in collaboration with the Department of IT, Al Musanna College of Technology conducted a workshop on Internet of Things on 18 February 2020, in the Al Bathina region, where ACT College was the venue for the event. 

The workshop started at 10 am with Dr Najiba, IT HoD, introducing Ms Tamilarasi to the audience and congratulating her for being selected as the Smart City Speaker, in response to the Oman Smart City Platform initiative.

Ms Tamil started the talk with an open question to participants and encouraged them to share their ideas about IoT. This was continued by examples and the Life Cycle of IoT, which was explained in four stages. Each of the stages was discussed in detail. She explained about the sectors where IoT has its influence. Risk factors and applications for IoT were also discussed.  

The session ended with a discussion on the use of IoT in the future, in a collaborative environment with Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that will have a tremendous effect on the economies of the future.  Towards the end of session, a quiz was conducted online for participants and prizes were distributed. The session concluded by 11.30am and participants were able to interact with the presenter, presenting their queries and feedback.