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E&E Section, Engineering Department

Summary of Short Term Training Programs-Semester 1- AY 2020-21

Author : Ms. Sindhu S Nair & Mr. Lenin Joseph

1. Design of Control and Monitoring Systems using Arduino Microcontroller with Simulation  using TinkerCAD

An online short term training program on Design of Control and Monitoring Systems using Arduino Microcontroller with Simulation using TinkerCAD was conducted by Ms. Analene Montesines Nagayo. This training aimed at helping students update themselves with contemporary technology and implement the same in their academic projects was offered to both Advanced Diploma and B. Tech engineering students regardless of their specialization. About 15 students successfully completed the training that was conducted from 22nd November to 24th November 2020.

2. Short Term Training on Basics of Arduino Programming, Live Wire & TinkerCAD

Mr. E. B. Thippeswamy and Mr. Emanuel. O. Rances conducted an online short course for the benefit of diploma level project students from all specializations. The course which ran from 22nd to 24th and 29th November 2020 was attended by about 40 students. Practical demonstrations were given on basics of Arduino Programming, live wire and TinkerCAD. During the live sessions, installation, simulations, and interfacing techniques were described and demonstrated.  


3. Short Term Training Program on Octave with MATLAB

An online training program titled, “Short Term Training on Octave with MATLAB”, was arranged by E&E Section of the Engineering Department from 29th November 2020 to 02nd December 2020 for Advanced Diploma and Bachelor students of ETE and CE specializations. The program delivered by Mr. Sulochanan Karthich Ramanathan, Mrs. Sindhu S. Nair, and Mr. Lenin Joseph, was primarily designed to provide a proactive training for students on the use of the MATLAB/Octave software in the technical side of various communication technologies like signal processing, antenna parameter measurements, and digital communication skills. The training program included in-depth discussion of technical aspects of analog communication using GNU Octave with MATLAB coding and various plotting methods, and signal processing terminologies like modulation and demodulation.  Through this training, students were able to get a clear idea about image processing, analysis, and visualization for different monochrome and color images. Various software based antenna designs and parameter measurements were also discussed and practiced in the workshop section.