The Industrial Link and Community Engagement Committee organized a two-day workshop for Oman Development Bank, Muscat

23 August 2023

The workshop was organized for the trainees at Oman Development Bank on August 22 and 23, 2023, and was titled “How to Analyse Financial Statements in the N’nmo Training Programme”. The event was hosted at the Sheraton Hotel Muscat, and around 25 participants from all the branches participated in the workshop.


Mr. Jaffer Ali Khan, HOS, Accounting, was the speaker of the workshop. He discussed how financial statement analysis is used by internal and external stakeholders to evaluate business performance. He also explained how to create a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, which form the basis for financial statement analysis. He also mentioned how horizontal, vertical, and ratio analyses are the three techniques that analyse and use financial statements. The students have hands-on experience learning how to analyse and interpret financial statements.

The workshop elicited a very good response from the trainees. The trainees found the workshop very interesting, educational, and informative. The question-and-answer session was interactive and lively.


Dr. Aziza Alqamashoui, HOD, College of Economics and Business Administration, attended the workshop, gave her input, and shared her expertise in the training program.


The Oman Development Bank team thanked Dr. Aziza and Mr. Jaffer with mementos and vowed to continue working with the department in the future.


This training programme was organized by the Industrial Link and Community Engagement Committee of the College of Economics and Business Administration.