UTAS-A welcomed a new batch of General Diploma students for the academic year2023-2-24

Sep. 10 2023

The University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Al Musannah welcomed a new batch of General Diploma students for the academic year 2023/2024. The number of students accepted for the first semester has reached 526 male and female students, distributed across the College of Engineering and Technology, the College of Computing and Information Sciences, and the College of Economics and Business Administration.

The orientation day began with a speech by His Excellency Dr. Saeed bin Hamad Al-Rubaie, Vice Chancellor of the University, in which he said, “I am pleased to congratulate the accepted students at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in its various branches, who we are proud to have chosen to study at this university. I am also pleased to welcome the new employees who joined this esteemed academic institution”. Dr. Al-Rubaie encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and goals, as university life is the foundation of their future and the enhancement of their skills, emphasizing that all of this requires hard work, moral commitment, and respecting the rules and regulations.

Following that, Dr. Nasser bin Salem Al-Bimani, Assistant Vice Chancellor of the University at Al Musannah Branch, welcomed the new students at the University Branch. He highlighted the importance of the strong and proper beginning, time management, and the acquisition of learning skills. Dr. Al-Beimani also emphasized the significance of using various technologies, and the ability for quick and accurate access to information from various sources and references.

A video presentation then introduced the university, its colleges, its vision, and the key facilities in Al Musannah branch. The regulations and laws in force at the university were explained, particularly those related to the Preparatory Studies Center, including the placement exams, attendance, and the evaluation system. Students were also introduced to the electronic systems and student services offered by the university. The importance of entrepreneurship and innovation was also emphasized.

The orientation week continued with students taking placement exams in English, computer, and mathematics.