UTASA Students are First and Second Placers in the INNOVATIA 2024

01 May 2024

Students from UTAS-Al Musannah competed in the INNOVATIA 2024, an intercollegiate meet held in UTAS Ibra on 1 May 2024, which witnessed participation from various universities and colleges across Oman. The students emerged victorious and won first place for InovAI and second place in HR Live Podcast under the guidance of faculty mentor, Dr. Jeannette Ong Ee-Lyn. The winning students were:

Mariya Said Salim Al Jaradi

Ashgan Juma Al Hinaai

Naqaa Salim Sulaiman Al Aufi

Hafisa Salim Khamis AL Razaiqi

Aflah Hamed Al Rawahi


Dr. Nasser Salim Al Bimani, Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC) UTAS-Al Musannah, and Dr. Aziza Abdallah Humaid Al Qamashoui, Head of the College of Economics and Business Administration, congratulated the students for their achievement.