"Waste is Money" The Story of a Successful Entrepreneur

"Waste is Money" The Story of a Successful Entrepreneur"


Sami Al Kharusi

UTAS-A Alumni

My name is Sami Al Kharusi. I am the General Manager of United Rubber Industries L.L.C (URI). URI is the first tire recycling factory in Oman to produce scrap rubber using high quality equipment. It aims to improve the environment by converting waste rubber into useful material. Basically, we would like to take a waste product and turn it into something valuable. With this approach, we are, at once, helping the planet, creating jobs and generating revenues.

I am proud to say that I was a student of ACT. It is my learning at ACT that has helped me to be where I am now.

As a student at ACT, I took an active part in all competitions from the Foundation level and continued with the same enthusiasm when I progressed with my studies in Post Foundation and specialization in the Mechanical Engineering department. I was the leader of the Engineering Club for 4 years. Together we won a lot of competitions in and out of ACT. One of our projects on recycling won the second place in the 'Wiyakum' competition at the national level. We made a lot of different kinds of Robots such as the Human Hand Robot, the Stair Climbing Robot and the Garbage Robot.

But what really got me interested in the recycling business was a project on recycling that I worked on during my last year in B. Tech. at ACT.

 Soon after college, I took a course in Feasibility and Financial studies to bring my vision to the next stage. With strong determination and with the backing of Omani entrepreneurs with a community (Alahlia) investment firm, we established the United Rubber Industries in June 2016.

My mind is a creative mind; I always think of making new products so our product is changing every month. We are always creating new designs that could be useful for our customers. This is the reason for my success. I am pleased to announce that we will be expanding our production from one line to four lines by 2020. I hope and wish every ACT student will have a proactive approach to life. I hope they will come forward to implement their ideas and be successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Best wishes to everyone!