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Webinar - 'Data Analysis & Interpretation' organized in BSD for the Bachelor students 

Author: Dr. Alamelu Mangai Raman

The Webinar titled “Data Analysis & Interpretation” was organized for the Bachelor students pursuing the Graduation project – HRM  on 19/ 10/2020.



Students were trained to analyze the collected data by using MS Excel Data Analysis tool Pak and to interpret the results as well.

Entering data in MS. Excel, Data analysis, interpretation, charts, findings and suggestions are the main topics focused on the Webinar. Practical hands-on training was given to analyze the data relevant to the student’s specific projects.

Many sample projects were discussed and shown to the students for the easy understanding.

The Webinar elicited a very good response and participation from students. They found it is very informative.

The Webinar was Organized and presided by Dr. Alamelu Mangai Raman, Lecturer of the Business Studies Department, HRM Section.