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Webinar on “Best Practices for Classroom Management and Interactivity on MS Teams”

Author : Dr. Prabhu Natarajan, Information Technology 

The Human Resources and Development Committee of Department of Engineering invited Ms. Sahana Roshan to conduct a webinar on the “Best Practices for Classroom Management and Interactivity on MS Teams” which was aimed to provide insights into MS Teams and other online platforms to boost their efficiency . The live session conducted on Tuesday, 13 October 2020, was started by Mr. Stalin Kumaradoss, coordinator of HRD Committee, Dept. of Engineering. The session has been carried over by Ms. Sahana Roshan through MS Teams - a remote way.


It's no secret that sharing best practices is an excellent way to improve the performance and productivity of an organization. This practice sharing webinar was a result of the consolidation of the feedback received from 35+ staff from Engineering & IT on the “Current practices and issues faced with Class Management and Learning on MS teams”. Ms Sahana started with the analysis of the survey and gave an overview of the current practices and issues faced. She went on to demonstrate the basic features using a live demo of MS Teams. She clearly explained the tips and techniques to avoid technical glitches during online classes. The session continued to be lively and interactive as lecturers continued to ask questions based on their experience and she took her time to answer each one of them. The session also covered tips to improve student collaboration, communication and accessibility to other platforms like MS forms, Moodle etc. The session was attended by 67+ staff from the departments of IT and Engineering and it was evident that having sessions like these allows lecturers to share all the valuable information they have in their minds along with their experiences and achievements