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Webinar on Student-centered Learning [SCL]

Student-centered Learning is an instructional approach, applying methods of teaching that shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. It is a key approach in delivering quality education and the most emphasized requirement of a good classroom management as well.

As part of SDP activities and to create awareness and provide insight into SCL approach for its staff, the Department of Engineering, in collaboration with the Department of IT, Al Musanna College of Technology, hosted a webinar on Student-centered Learning on 22 June, 2020.

A handsome number of over 60 participants registered for the webinar.

Though the webinar was scheduled to start at 10.30 a.m, participants began arriving as early as 10.15 am.

The webinar started with Mr. Stalin Kumaradoss, Coordinator (Engg) and HRDC member, introducing Mrs. Baliha Talath, Lecturer-IT (Presenter) to the audience.

The presenter Mrs. Baliha Talath expressed her thanks to Mr. Abdulhamid Hamdan Humaid Al Hinai, Head of Engineering Department, Dr.Najiba Said Hamed Al Zadjali, Head Of Information Technology Department and Human Resource and Development Committee for organizing the webinar and giving her the opportunity to present her views and experiences with SCL.

The presenter started by highlighting the difference between Teacher-centered Learning Vs Student-centered Learning, objectives and benefits of SCL, the framework for SCL, Implementation approaches in COTs and Challenges, which also comprised the likely post-pandemic impact on students’ studying and learning styles.

The presenter then discussed some of the effective SCL methods and also shared some examples of creating activities in Moodle, using other online tools and ended with a Q&A session.

The overall duration of the webinar went on for about an hour in an interesting atmosphere with lively conversation and comments from the participants. Once again, Mr. Stalin Kumaradoss and Dr. B. Vijayaraj (HOS) thanked the presenter for the valuable information presented and the presenter also exchanged her thanks for the esteemed opportunity given to her.

The presenter also added that she was excited by the overwhelming and enthusiastic participants. She described first ever webinar presentation as an enjoyable and memorable experience, and expressed her interest in sharing ideas for creating activities, if required.