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Webinar -  ‘Writing a Literature Review’  by the Business Studies Department

Author: Dr. Alamelu Mangai Raman, BS Department

A Webinar titled ‘Writing a Literature Review’ was conducted for the Bachelor students pursuing the graduation project (HRM and Marketing) on 28/10/2020.

The session provided an understanding of the basic function and purpose of a literature review. The session was designed to improve the students’ knowledge of literature Reviews. The main aim of the session is to provide:

Explore what a literature review is and the purpose of it

  • Critical reading (to ensure critical writing)
  • Writing the review: (i) Structure (ii) Introductions(III) conclusions and Critical approaches to writing.

The workshop presented a completed example for the literature review chapter of the Graduation Project.

 The session gave students an idea about the difference between a research problem, a research gap, findings, a literature review and theoretical and conceptual frameworks for the selected study.

The workshop was presided by Mr. Divakara Reddy N, Lecturer of the Business Studies Department.