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Welcome Meeting of the Department of Engineering 

The first department meeting of the Department of Engineering for the AY 2019–20 was held in the college auditorium on 8 September 2019, between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon, in the presence of the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.

The Head of the Department, Mr. Abdul Hamid Hamdan Al Hinai welcomed all staff. He summarized the major accomplishments of the past year, including the block funding under RG received for the proposals by Dr. Vijayaraj and Dr. Santhosh. Further, he asked all the committee heads to prepare the action plan for AY 2019-20 and highlighted the important events of the academic calendar.

Other major points discussed were the participation in student/staff development programs, OAAA Accreditation Preparation and the newly proposed Course Delivery Plan. Dr. C Ravichandran reported about the significant QA events in the past year and the sessions planned for the current year. Mr. Sudarson presented various advisory rules to create more awareness among the academic advisors. The HoD also highlighted the newly-introduced Probation Student Performance Tracking System and asked all staff to comply with the same.

Later, the ADAA, Dr. Halah Ahmed Salim Alkathiri addressed the staff members. The ADAA discussed different issues related to the purchase of resources, storage of completed project works, the advisement of courses, maintenance of resources and promised to take decisions subject to the availability of funding and in compliance with the management policies. The ADAA also emphasized the need for communication with the students through college email, Dashboard and eLearning. She promised the cooperation of the ETC for EE projects using Wi-Fi and the configuring of college emails in student mobiles.

Lastly, the ADAA had a word of appreciation for the staff and the department for all the commendable achievements of the past academic year and requested everyone to keep up the level of the departmental activities and raise it to newer heights. The meeting ended with a Vote of Thanks.