Workshop on Academic Advisement by HRDC

The Human Resource and Development Committee of Al Musanna College of Technology conducted a workshop on Academic Advisement on 11 December 2018 in the college auditorium. The administrative members, heads of various departments, centers, sections and faculty members from various departments actively participated in the workshop. The intent of the workshop was to create a platform to convey information to all members on Effective Academic Advisement.

The session started with an opening speech by Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al Shahri - Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. He gave a short speech on how to make Academic Advisement more effective, bench marking with colleges and universities. He also informed the members about the research grants available from TRC and from ACT and urged the departments and centers to make use of the research grants for student’s research projects.

Later in the session, Dr. Aziza Abdallah Humaid Al Qamashoui - Faculty Member in Business Studies and coordinator for the Research Committee - briefed about the progress of the research committee. She also explained how one should apply for research grants for Masters and B-Tech holders, the eligibility criteria, review of submitted project proposals for grants, etc.

The speaker Mr. Sudarson Karthikeyan - Academic Registrar, Engineering Department - presented the workshop. Mr. Sudarson briefly explained the important points on Academic Advisement, highlighting the most frequent issues on academic advisement such as course advisement, timetable registration, student probation, student counselling, course withdrawal, postponement, CGPA calculation, final exam results and appeal. 

During the session, many questions were raised by the participants. Dr. Anooj P.K. - College Registrar - and other registration members clarified the doubts raised by the participants. The session was very informative and interactive.

Thanks is due to Dr. Mohammed Ehmer Khan - Registrar, IT Department  - and Mr. Ghouse M. Sharif -Registrar, BS Department  - for giving their valuable support and suggestions based on practical experience in student advisement cases.

At the end of the session, Dr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al Shahri thanked the registration department for their efforts and support. He also thanked the Human Resource and Development Committee Head, Dr. Ali Ahmed Hamood Al Ghunaimi, Ms. Furat Ali Al Daamee and the other members for organizing the workshop.