Workshop on  “An Introduction to R Programming”

The first inter-college workshop titled “An Introduction to R-Programming” organized by Math specialized committee with the collaboration of Statistical Sub-committee & HCT on March 05, 2019 at HCT, Muscat. The workshop was presented by Dr. Dhevarajan.S, Lecturer from Al Musanna College of Technology. HoSs, nominated lecturers from CoTs, Members of MSpC, Members of Statistical Subcommittee and staff members from HCT preregistered for the said event and became the active participants of the event.


Dr. Saad Salman Ahmad, HoS – Mathematics, HCT welcomed all the members of the said committees, other participants and the presenter. Dr. Dhevarajan.S begun the workshop by the introduction on R Programming and then to R Studio; its interface.  He explained the different sites to download & the installation instructions of the said software and the availability of study materials.

In continuation to that, he trained the participants to use some of the basic commands, to make them confident in R programming. Later he increased the level to write the programs through R script files. The import of .xls files for the calculations to R program interface became awesome.

The presenter clarified the doubts then and there to the participants by personally visiting their respective computers. Construction of frequency distribution, bar graph and plotting & designing various types of graphs are the highlights of the said workshop. From ACT Math Section, Ms. Mini Punnoli – HoS and Dr. Prabhu Natarajan, Lecturer, has attended the program. The entire workshop went on well and at the end, Dr. Saad Salman Ahmad presented certificate to the presenter Dr. Dhevarajan.S along with vote of thanks.