Workshop on ‘Analysis of Mathematical Models of Tumor’

The ACT Math section organized the workshop on “Analysis of Mathematical Models of Tumor “on 5th November 2018 at CC106. The workshop was presented by Dr. Mohamed Gassali Fajlul Kareem. The intent of the workshop was to share, among faculty members the mathematical models for cancer tumor cells growth.

Mr. Pramendra Kumar, SDP Coordinator, Math section welcomed the participants and presenter. Dr. Mohamed Gassali Fajlul Kareem began the session with an introduction to tumor growth. The cancer tumor growth will be a multidirectional with complexity in the growth and either exponential function representation or differential Equation form of ODE /PDE representation is required for Mathematical Modeling of the dynamical behavior of its growth.


He explained that One of the biggest challenges in cancer treatment is its heterogeneity. It remains a diverse population of different cell types. Therefore, mathematicians can try to create models with the hope of early detection and predicting the fate of different types of cancers.

   He explained different stages of tumor growth and different models (Model-1, Model-2, Model-3) corresponding to these stages.     He also explained the solutions of the models by DTM, PTM, MPHM and FMPHM.

On the question session, Dr. Dheva Rajan explained about the basic model, the so-called SIR (Susceptible, Infective and Recovered).  He astonished everyone by explaining the basic Mathematical modelling and the sequential progress of creating the models on infectious diseases, which make the session quite interactive at the end. The participants showed their involvement by shooting the questions like “”Honey drops”. The presenter made a wonderful defend for those questions.

Later on Dr. Dheva Rajan gave vote of thanks to audience and the presenter and the HoS Ms. Mini Punnolli gave the concluding remarks.

Overall, it was a very informative and interesting workshop.