Workshop on ‘Application of Engineering Mathematics through MATLAB’

Author: Mr. Pramendra Kumar, Lecturer, IT Department

The ACT Math Section organized a workshop titled ‘Application of engineering mathematics   through  MATLAB’  on  6 June 2018.  It  was  presented  by  Mr. Pramendra Kumar. Earlier two workshops had been conducted on 7 and 14 November 2017. The series of workshops aimed to share with faculty members the basic knowledge of various engineering-based mathematical models and their simulation through MATLAB.

Ms. Mini Punnolli, Head of Math Section, delivered the welcome note. She gave a brief introduction about the expediency and relevance of the topic.

Mr. Pramendra Kumar started the first session of the workshop by giving an introduction to MATLAB. He explained the various basic components such as the Command Window, Workspace, Command history, etc. He also explained how to write and evaluate mathematical expressions in MATLAB. Participants were amazed to see the visual part of MATLAB.

The second session of the workshop started with the giving of various direct commands of MATLAB to solve typical linear, nonlinear and transcendental equations, partial fraction, integration, differentiation and differential equations. The use of MATLAB to solve these mathematical problems was stunning.

The third session of workshop was the most important and interesting one. In the last session of the workshop, various mathematical models such as Vibration analysis, electric circuit, Newton’s cooling law, etc. and their simulation through MATLAB were discussed. The most interesting part of the last session of the workshop was the drawing of conclusions for each model using a graph after solving them with MATLAB. The workshop provided faculty members with a rich learning experience.